We take pride in using meat only from animals raised at farms we know around the Czech Republic. We are a whole animal restaurant that uses everything from the nose to the tail. Our Asian produce is sourced from the vibrant markets serving the large Vietnamese community in the Czech capital. 

Dinner consists of a tasting menu of six courses plus optional dessert. Our staff will help you select a menu based on seasonality and any intolerance or food allergies. Let us know if you prefer a meat, fish or vegetarian menu. Price ranges from 900 CZK to 1200 CZK per person (based on your choices and preferences).




1.    Salmon sashimi
2.    Jasmin tea smoked trout salad
3.    Pork belly with watermelon and hoisin
4.    Ocra tofu sambal
5.    Soft shell crab slider
6.    Lamb penang, roti, rice & greens

Lunch is served a la carte according to what we have on offer each day.
We are happy to create a small tasting menu to share with your friends if you would like a family-style experience.



STARTERS (150-200 CZK) 

  • Salmon sashimi
  • Banh mi sliders (2 pcs)
  • Mackerel ceviche tacos
  • Soft shell crab slider
  • Sansho fritto misto
  • Pork belly sliders (2 pcs) 

Mains (190-245 CZK) 

  • Pork belly with watermelon & hoisin
  • Ocra tofu sambal
  • Crispy sweet & sour beef
  • Dry, sweet pork, coconut
    rice and papaya
  • Beef curry & limeleaf
  • Clams beef tendon yuzu & toast
  • Seafood curry
  • Vegetarian red curry
  • Rabbit jungle curry
  • Pork & prawn kerala
  • Goat & smoked courgette and curry

Dessert (120-155 CZK) 

  • Sticky toffee pudding
  • Cheesecake with caramel
  • Green tea ice cream & chocolate
    chip cookie sandwich


Choose from among our carefully selected local and foreign wines, cocktails, and Czech craft beers to accompany your meal.